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Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony
Thursday, December 21
7-9:30 PM

In Corte Madera

The Winter Solstice--the longest night of the year, and the point where we turn toward the light. Come celebrate with us in the dark, under a waxing moon, with the stars burning overhead, and the heart of the fire alive inside us.

Join us for a fire ceremony marking our slow spin toward the dawn and lengthening days, our eventual emergence from our dens of deep sleep, and our hope for a spring greened by months of chilly rain.

The new moon will be on the 18th, so we'll be in the early stages of expanding our energy, a perfect time to let go of the current year and set our intentions for the coming one. In previous years, when it has rained on the night of the Solstice, we have held our ceremony indoors, standing warm and shoulder-to-shoulder by the living room fireplace. As
much as we need and pray for another wet winter this year, we hope to be out under the stars, around the fire on a clear night.

I always find this time from Halloween, All Souls' Day
and the Day of the Dead on through the dark winter months, to be a season when the veil between worlds thins and our ancestors and helping spirits are more readily available to us.  Come and commune with your ancestors and spirits, bless the passing year and welcome the one just beginning.

Bring your warm clothes, your drum or rattle, two sticks to imbue with your intentions and place into the fire, and a tasty sweet or savory snack or dish to share after the ceremony. First we connect with the fire, the stars, the turning year and each other.  Then we
have a potluck party!  Hope you can come!

RSVP:  email us at

What to Bring:
-Your drum or rattle
-Warm coat, hat, gloves, etc.
-Two small sticks
-A sweet or savory snack to share after the ceremony

Munay-Ki Rites

Offered Upon Request.

We are offering the Rites of the Munay-Ki as a means of healing and growing, integrating the core of Bioenergy Balancing with the wisdom of this ancient shamanic tradition to help achieve personal wholeness and physical and emotional well-being.

To read more about the Munay-Ki
rites, click here.

Places of Power, Places of Heart
On Mt. Tamalpais

A series of ceremonial hikes with Steve Orsary

Winter Hike coming soon!


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Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony

Milestone:  Marking Five Years of Offering
the Munay-Ki Rites

It's been five years since Steve first started transmitting the rites in Corte Madera.  It's been a rich cycle of growth and movement for us and for the many folks who have joined in over the years.

Read comments from a few who have received the rites:  more