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Munay-Ki Rites

Offered Upon Request.

We are offering the Rites of the Munay-Ki as a means of healing and growing, integrating the core of Bioenergy Balancing with the wisdom of this ancient shamanic tradition to help achieve personal wholeness and physical and emotional well-being.

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rites, click here.

Healing Your Ancestors, Yourself, and Your Bloodline
Practical Shamanic Ancestor Work for Anyone

Workshop in Corte Madera
Saturday, September 29, 2018

10 AM to 3:30 PM

Registration is $120.  Early registration, before September 19, is $95.  Limited to 12 participants.

We are recently returned from the West Coast Dowser's Conference in Santa Cruz where we had a blast offering a brief workshop on Healing Your Ancestors.  It was such a cool experience, we decided we  wanted to bring an expanded version of it to our friends closer to home.  This upcoming workshop will be about sharing information and having an experience together of working with our ancestors.

"I was amazed at how powerful this process was.  You could feel the room get very full.  It was a wonderful, healing experience."   
       --A.H., Conference attendee 

"It felt as if a group healing had taken place.  This was a very powerful process."
       --E.M., Conference attendee

You can bring healing to your family line by working with and healing specific ancestors.  In this shamanic process, you heal both your forebears, your progeny and the entire related family.  By healing the wounds held by our preceding elders, generational and family patterns can be cleared, whether they are physical, genetic, disease related, emotional, vibrational or karmic.

Ancestors who are already balanced and whole assist in the healing process.  Some of these are directly related to you by blood, others by spirit.  They are dedicated to bringing healing to us as part of the larger human family.

Using dowsing or muscle testing, we will show you how to locate your ancestor that needs healing, to ask questions and receive answers, to determine the issue, and to release or heal the distortion.  No previous shamanic experience is required.

This workshop will include descriptive presentation, experiential exercises, and hands on work.  We will demonstrate with cases presented from among attendees, and encourage personal work at home afterward.

Click here to contact Steve.  To register, type "Ancestor Workshop Registration" in your email subject line. Let him know if you have experience with shamanic journeying.    

Limited to 12 participants.

Places of Power, Places of Heart
On Mt. Tamalpais

A series of ceremonial hikes with Steve Orsary

Next Hike:  Saturday, October 27th --
Put it in your calendar!

The focus and location of the hike to be determined.


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