Places of Power, Places of Heart
On Mt. Tamalpais

The Lakes Hike
The fifth in a series of ceremonial hikes

Saturday, May 14th
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
The Lakes Hike
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The Lakes Hike Preparation Journey

During an initial journey at home to meet the appropriate spirits and to ask them what we should do during our ceremonial hike, and after receiving our first permission to be there as a group, I was told that the focus of our day together would be more on receiving and being, with each of us spending private quiet time to see what the lake had to say, and to receive the healing that flowed down the mountain to us. 

Then I went to visit our gathering site on the lake shore, and did a further journey there.  In the Lower World, I visited the lake's counterpart, and met the wispy young woman spirit of the lake, who welcomed us and gave her renewed permission for us to be there.  She indicated that our mission would be to rest, absorb, and anchor the waterfall healing from our last hike more deeply into the lakes and land. 

She introduced me to the spirit of the overshadowing fir, who appeared as a female spirit that rose up into the air in the tender topmost branches of the tree through fringed yellow flowers.  (I believe this was the same spirit in the first journey who arose out of the lake as a giant golden woman.)  She held great joy in being, reveling in the sunshine and under the sky. Together the spirits expressed welcome, protection, joy, great good will and celebration of life. 

Following this, another spirit of the lake bed rose up, a brown stone grandmother, angular and rocky, the foundation of the lake bottom.  She wanted to see who I was and evaluate me.  As I affirmed and danced them in response, she saw my strengths, and also my weaknesses, which I had to acknowledge.  She seemed to bless me, without offering healing.  Having met me, she wanted something from me, and directed me to the lake bottom where I was shown something that needed to be removed or extracted, which I did amidst an intensification in the journey. 

Everything being completed, the way was open for us to walk there and do ceremony, and she joined in welcoming our upcoming group visit. I asked her to attract and bring the right people to the hike, which she wanted to do.  Perhaps she has spoken with you in some way?