Places of Power, Places of Heart
On Mt. Tamalpais
First in a series of ceremonial days with Steve Orsary

Medicine Wheel Hike
Saturday, April 18
8:30 AM - 3 PM
For forty years, Steve has been doing ceremony and hiking around the shoulders of our local mother-mountain.  On these visits to Mt. Tam, we will hike with mindfulness to key power spots, many secret or hidden from casual view.  There, we will bond with the presence of the mountain, perform ceremony, make offerings and honor the local spirits.  We will connect with the power and heart of the land, and with each other, heart to heart.  We will begin by visiting the Medicine Wheel. 
This first walk will be easy, about 2 miles round trip.  (Succeeding hikes will vary in distance and grade.)
Bring a small stone, feather or flower, your water bottle, a lunch AND your rattle
Series Launch Special:  $35 if registered by April 11
($65; $55 if registered by April 11)
More information to follow, upon registration
To register or for more information:
Contact Steve Orsary
(415) 924-6516
Steve Orsary is a shamanic practitioner, healer and poet who has hiked thousand of miles, many of them around Mt. Tam where he has walked every trail on the map and many that aren't.  He and his wife, MaryAnn, work in Corte Madera where they practice Bioenergy Balancing, shamanic healing and body-centered psychotherapy.