Mary Ann Orsary, MA

Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Help in the Midst of Change

I believe that everyone needs an ally and mentor at one time or another to deal with the complexity of new situations brought on by life transitions--whether divorce, sending children off to college (or pre-school), or grieving the loss of a parent.  I help clients find their way through challenging experiences and issues, including stress, anxiety and depression.

Together, we can strengthen your inner resources and find a clearer sense of self and life direction.

My Clients Are...

...Mostly adult individuals.  I enjoy working with menopausal women, and women of high school and college age.

I enjoy working with students and interns and others who are in a long-haul process of change or creation. Sometimes we need support to gestate our dreams into being. 

I enjoy working with and appreciate the gifts of sensitive and intuitive clients. 

My Therapy Style

My therapeutic style includes a sense of acceptance and genuine support for my clients and their life experiences.  In a caring and non-judgmental environment, self-exploration and personal discovery can safely take place.

My work is strongly influenced by my training in the Hakomi Method of body-centered psychotherapy.  Hakomi work is gentle and respectful, and supports the safety of the client.  As your sense of safety grows, your unconscious becomes our ally.  Using curiosity, mindfulness and body awareness, I assist you in learning about your self and finding ways to support your own natural healing process.  In sessions, sometimes we talk; sometimes we pay attention to your emotions and the cues your body gives us.  We can learn much by giving awareness to your experience in the moment.  Experiments we devise together in sessions also assist in deepening into and unfolding past experiences and the meanings and beliefs they carry for you.  As your inner resources are strengthened, old stories can be updated and transformed.

Living From the Inside Out

One of my specialties is working with women who have been trained as girls to be self-sacrificing, and who excel at putting other people first.  Service is a wonderful thing, in balance.  In learning to be more self-referencing, you can start to live from the inside out, gaining balance and confidence, finding your voice and feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

For More Information

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation.  Please call me at (415) 298-6516 if you have a question or would like more information.
I can help you address a variety of issues including:
Life transitions, especially menopause and peri-menopause
Finding your voice
Loss and grief
Pet loss and grief
Relationships and intimacy
Healing from cult experiences
Corte Madera, CA
(415) 298-6516

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC #46717
I Can Help You With...
An Ally in the Midst of Change
My Clients Are...
My Therapy Style
Living From the Inside Out
For More Information
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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
                    --Mary Oliver