Places of Power, Places of Heart

On Mt. Tamalpais

The Springs Eternal Hike
The fifth in a series of ceremonial hikes

Saturday, September 10th
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
The Springs Eternal Hike
Contact Steve to register.
Preparation Journey for Springs Eternal Hike

On Sunday, August 21st, I sat at Colier Spring and asked to journey into its heart, and so went in and down. 

The area around the spring was dryer than I had expected, and the terrain in the journey appeared brown and covered with dried redwood sprigs and duff.  Although I had to look for him, I soon met a male fairy dressed in dry brown, redwood needles, and wearing a fir-cone cap.  I had mentally thought beforehand that the fairies probably weren't there, but apparently they are, and here he was. 

My mind was in a busy state, so he pressed fir cones to my temples to clear it out and release my body tightness.  When I settled and came to rest, I could then notice the mossy-haired Spirit of the Spring, a benevolent shape-shifter who was hard to see.  She directed me through the spiraling whorl of the spring flow, down into the cold, damp earth.  There I met Salamander, very cold, clammy and wet.  He also removed over-activity from my conscious mind with his suctioned toes, allowing me to come to deeper rest and be still in that deep, damp, cold water and stone and winter stillness. 

This stillness and quiet was at the heart of my journey's message.  After awhile, I arose out of the deep spring to rejoin the Spring Spirit, who showed me the water fountaining up.  There was nothing to do but just rest and let the water flow up and over me.  In this undirected benevolent stillness, all the beings around me suddenly "appeared," or came into focus.  Just as I could not at first see the Spirit of the Spring, when quieted, all at once I saw the many fairies, stone people, and redwoods reaching their roots into the damp earth.  It was a rich, vivid, strong circle, filled with vitality and quiet joy.  In stillness, when allowed, everything came forth.  I eventually came up out of the heart of the spring and came back to myself.

The focus of our hike time is clear to me now.  We will move slowly with mindfulness and heartfulness down to the spring.  There, we will seek to make ourselves clear as spring water.  In stillness, we will look for the source of the spring in ourselves, let it come up through us, and have time to see what we find.  If this speaks to you, I hope you will join us.